Not for Sale: Groups Fight Atlanta Sex Trafficking

ATLANTA – More than 5 million people live and work in the Atlanta-metro area. Despite the recession, its economy ranks sixth among the nation’s cities.

The metro area is also home to a number of Fortune 500 companies and proud of it.

But what it’s not proud of is the lucrative business of human trafficking that by all accounts appears to be flourishing.


The Scourge of Atlanta

The region’s top prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Sally Yates, is helping to raise the profile of Atlanta’s anti-trafficking movement.

“A lot of the same things that bring businesses here also bring traffickers here. We are a transportation hub,” she explained to CBN News during a recent interview. “It’s very easy to fly in and out of Atlanta.” 

“It used to be, particularly with respect to child sex trafficking, if someone wanted to have sex with a child they needed to go to Thailand. Well now, a man can fly into Atlanta, have sex with a child and be home for dinner,” she said.

On a recent weekday night, the hellish reality Yates is battling is clearly seen on the streets of at least one Atlanta area neighborhood. Young girls are walking with their pimps, getting into cars, and going off with older men.

Online ads also reveal the hundreds of girls and women being sold on any given night.

“We’re also a city that’s known, to a certain extent, for the sex industry here, strip clubs and prostitution,” Yates said. “And then we have lots of conventions, lots of sporting events, (and) that creates a ready market for victims.”


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